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  1. You'll be .NET 3.5 Web certified in just 10 days. With us, you’ll be .NET 3.5 Web trained in record time
  2. Our .NET 3.5 Web course is all-inclusive. A one-off fee covers all course materials, exams, accommodation and meals. No hidden extras
  3. Pass .NET 3.5 Web first time or train again for free. This is our guarantee. We're sure you'll pass your .NET 3.5 Web course first time. But if you don’t, come back within a year, and only pay for accommodation and exams. Everything else is free
  4. You’ll learn more .NET 3.5 Web. A day with a traditional training provider generally runs from 9am – 5pm, with a nice long break for lunch. With Firebrand Training you’ll get at least 12 hours/day quality learning time, with your instructor
  5. You’ll learn .NET 3.5 Web faster. Chances are, you’ll have a different learning style to those around you. We combine visual, auditory and tactile styles to deliver the material in a way that ensures you will learn faster and more easily
  6. You’ll be studying .NET 3.5 Web with the best. We have the Q-For quality label, recognising our standards and professionalism in the training market. As well as winning many more awards, we’ve trained and certified 30,000 professionals, and we’re partners with all of the big names in the business
  7. You'll do more than study .NET 3.5 Web courseware. We use practical exercises to make sure you can apply your new knowledge to the work environment. Our instructors use demonstrations and real-world experience to keep the day interesting and engaging

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Here's the Firebrand Training review section. We've trained more than 35,000 students in twelve years and asked them all to review our Accelerated Learning. Currently, 96.22% have said Firebrand exceeded their expectations:

"The combination of a master trainer, exceptional facilities, very effective training methods and "depravation" from environmental factors (e.g. travel, social etc) have contributed towards this being the most beneficial training experience I've ever had."
Christoph Malherbe. - Microsoft MCPD .NET 3.5 Web Developer (10 days) (1/11/2010 to 10/11/2010)

"It was an intense few weeks and if you don't do the work on a daily basis, then I would still suggest coming along to the course and deferring the exams as there is a lot of extra information that is not in the exam books that you will find very useful."
Neil Poole, Central Networks. - Microsoft MCPD .NET 3.5 Web Developer (10 days) (2/11/2009 to 12/11/2009)

"The MCPD course is full on. There is not much time to think as you have to cover a vast amount of information in a short time. Expect a lot of late nights. Do a bit of pre-reading. But be assured though that the staff are excellent and do everything in their power to get you through the course. If your are having a late night so are they. Highly recommended. Cheers "
Anonymous - Microsoft MCPD .NET 3.5 Web Developer (10 days) (21/9/2009 to 1/10/2009)

"I found the Firebrand Training experience to be rather more taxing than I had believed possible, the word intense really does mean intense."
Paul Foley. - Microsoft MCPD .NET 3.5 Web Developer (10 days) (21/9/2009 to 1/10/2009)

"The Firebrand Training is a really good instructor. Very helpful and knowledgeable. The course itself is really hard going though and I really needed to study beforehand to pass the exams which I didn't realize until I attended. I saw some feedback saying that it was 12 hour days - it was more like 16-17 hour days."
B.M. - Microsoft MCPD .NET 3.5 Web Developer (10 days) (21/9/2009 to 1/10/2009)

"Without a doubt the courses were fast and intense. But, I have really learnt and grasped the concept of the courses, especially the foundation course. I will strongly recommend friends, who wants to learn web development to attend Firebrand. The trainer is very attentive and clear which makes settling down to the courses much easier. I have thoroughly enjoyed it."
Danny Lim. - Microsoft MCPD .NET 3.5 Web Developer (10 days) (21/9/2009 to 1/10/2009)

"I certainly learned a lot, but it was much tougher than I had anticipated. The Firebrand Training instructor was an excellent trainer and I dont think the instructor was ever unable to answer a single question anyone had."
Owen Wattley, Syscom PLC. - Microsoft MCPD .NET 3.5 Web Developer (10 days) (29/6/2009 to 9/7/2009)

"Coming from a background with pretty much no .NET experience, the course was certainly intense. My expectations were aligned by my instructor, and I can see why! I would recommend Firebrand Accelerated Learning courses for anyone wishing to vastly increase their knowledge in a given subject over a short time period. I decided to fund myself through this course, and am glad that I did, despite what seems a large amount of money. It was certainly a good investment in my professional future."
John Wise. - Microsoft MCPD .NET 3.5 Web Developer (10 days) (29/6/2009 to 9/7/2009)

"Good teacher, he knew his stuff and prepared us well for the exam. But its a lot of hard work, and need to be dedicated to put the hours in."
Paul Shoesmith, Pilotbean Ltd. - Microsoft MCPD .NET 3.5 Web Developer (10 days)

"Firebrand : The fastest way to learn. Great team and very helpful."
Anonymous - Microsoft MCSA: Windows Server 2012 (8 days) (9/6/2013 to 16/6/2013)

The Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) credential demonstrates your expertise using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 in a specific, real-world job role.

This Accelerated Learning program will give you the skills necessary to build interactive, data-driven web-based applications and mobile web applications for both Intranet and Internet uses that run on the ASP.NET 3.5 platform and are hosted on Internet Information Server.

Audience profile

Candidates for this exam work on a team in a development environment that uses Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2008 and the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 to build ASP.NET applications, and to access and modify data by using ADO.NET 3.5 applications. Candidates should have a minimum of three years of experience developing Web-based applications including one to two years of experience developing ASP.NET-based applications and a thorough understanding of the ASP.NET technologies in the .NET Framework 3.5.

This course prepares you for and tests you in the following certification:

Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD): ASP.NET Developer 3.5

Firebrand Training courses:

  • Allow you to achieve your certification in a fraction of the time of 'traditional training' while delivering industry-leading exam passing percentages
  • Helps students grasp complex technical concepts more easily by identifying and catering to individual student learning styles through a mixed visual, auditory and kinaesthetic-tactual delivery system
  • Enhances retention by employing accelerated learning techniques focused on committing information to long-term memory

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Use your free Microsoft training vouchers

You may be entitled to heavily-discounted training via Microsoft's Software Assurance Training Voucher (SATV) scheme. If your business has bought Microsoft software, check to see if it came bundled with free training vouchers! Vouchers can be exchanged against training for all Microsoft technologies. If you’re unsure, get in touch with us

Other accelerated training providers rely heavily on lecture and independent self-testing and study.

Effective technical instruction must be highly varied and interactive to keep attention levels high, promote camaraderie and teamwork between the students and instructor, and solidify knowledge through hands-on learning.

Firebrand Training provides instruction to meet every learning need:

  • Intensive group instruction
  • One-on-one instruction attention
  • Hands-on labs
  • Lab partner and group exercises
  • Question and answer drills
  • Independent study

This information has been provided as a helpful tool for candidates considering training. Courses that include certification come with a certification guarantee. Pass first time or train again for free (just pay for accommodation and exams on your return). We do not make any guarantees about personal successes or benefits of obtaining certification. Benefits of certification determined through studies do not guarantee any particular personal successes.

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Our Microsoft Certified Applications Developer certification program contains customised official Microsoft courseware which covers the following materials:

.NET Framework Development Fundamentals:

  • Developing applications that use system types and collections
  • Embedding configuration, diagnostic, management, and installation features into a .NET Framework application
  • Implementing serialisation and input/output functionality in a .NET Framework application
  • Improving the security of .NET Framework applications by using the .NET Framework security features
  • Implementing interoperability, reflection, and mailing functionality in a .NET Framework application
  • Implementing globalisation, drawing, and text manipulation functionality in a .NET Framework application

Visual Studio 2008: ASP.NET 3.5

  • Getting Started with ASP.NET 3.5
  • Implementing a User Interface with ASP.NET Server Controls
  • Displaying and Manipulating Data in ASP.NET 3.5
  • Creating Responsive Pages by Using Client-Side Technologies
  • Debugging and Deploying ASP.NET Applications
  • Writing ASP.NET Applications for Mobile Devices


  • Getting Started with ADO.NET 3.5
  • Modifying Data by Using ADO.NET Commands
  • Querying and Maintaining Data by Using DataSets
  • Querying and Maintaining Data by Using LINQ
  • Implementing an Entity Model by Using the ADO.NET Entity Framework
  • Building Occasionally Connected Solutions by Using Synchronization Services

Designing and Developing ASP.NET Applications

  • Designing and Implementing Controls
  • Designing the Presentation and Layout of an Application
  • Accessing Data and Services
  • Establishing ASP.NET Solution Structure
  • Leveraging and Extending ASP.NET Architecture
  • Applying security principles

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Microsoft Second Shot
Our certification guarantee just got better. In the unlikely event that you fail a Microsoft exam, you can sit it again for free. Act fast, because this offer doesn’t last for long: all exams (including the second shot) need to be taken by 31 May 2014.
Contact us for more details

You will be prepared for, and sit the following Microsoft exams:

  • Exam 70-536: TS: Microsoft .NET Framework – Application Development Foundation
  • Exam 70-562: TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, ASP.NET Application Development
  • Exam 70-561: TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, ADO.NET Application Development
  • Exam 70-564: PRO: Designing and Developing ASP.NET Applications Using Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

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Books provided for free on the course

  • MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-536): Microsoft .NET Framework-Application Development Foundation - Book/CD Package ISBN: 9780735626195
  • MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-562): Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 - ASP.NET Application Development - Book/CD Package ISBN: 9780735625624
  • MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-561): Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 ADO.NET Application Development - Book/CD/DVD Package ISBN: 9780735625631
  • MCPD Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-547): Designing & Developing Web-Based Applications Using Microsoft .NET Framework ISBN: 9780735623408

Microsoft Official Curriculum

  • MOC 6464 AK (Visual Studio 2008: ADO.NET 3.5)

Firebrand Training offers top-quality technical education and certification training in an all-inclusive course package specifically designed for the needs and ease of our students. We attend to every detail so our students can focus solely on their studies and certification goals.

Our Certification Programmes include:

  • Intensive Hands-on Training Utilising our (Lecture | Lab | Review)TM Delivery
  • Comprehensive Study Materials, Program Courseware and Self-Testing Software
  • Fully instructor-led program with 24 hour lab access
  • Examination vouchers *
  • On site testing **
  • Accommodation, all meals, unlimited beverages, snacks and tea / coffee***
  • Transportation to/from designated local railway stations
  • Examination Passing Policy

Please note

  • *Examination vouchers are not included for the following courses: PMP, CAPM, CISA, CISM, CGEIT, CRISC and CISSP CBK Review
  • **On site testing is not included in our PMP, CISA, CISM, CGEIT, CRISC, or ITIL Managers and Revision Certifications
  • ***Accommodation not included on the CISSP CBK Review Seminar

Our instructors teach to accommodate every student's learning needs through individualised instruction, hands-on labs, lab partner and group exercises, independent study, self-testing, and question/answer drills.

Firebrand Training has dedicated, well-equipped educational facilities where you will attend instruction and labs and have access to comfortable study and lounging rooms. Our students consistently say our facilities are second-to-none.

Examination Passing Policy

Should a student complete a Firebrand Training Program without having successfully passed all vendor examinations, the student may re-attend that program for a period of one year.  Students will only be responsible for accommodations and vendor exam fees.

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An MCPD can operate as a Microsoft Windows-based client application developer, Web-based client application developer, and can develop data-access, middle-tier data or business logic components.

Candidates for the MCPD certifications are expected to have:

  • At least three to five years of on-the-job experience dedicated to enterprise application development
  • Worked in the following phases in the application life cycle:
    • Technical Envisioning and Planning
    • Designing and Development
    • Stabilising and Releasing

Candidates are also encouraged, but not required, to have a basic understanding of web protocols and HTML.

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